LJP Studios offers distinctive commercial photography for discerning brands. Committed to delivering thought provoking, powerful imagery, the studio works diligently to capture moments that inspire.

More than just a team of photographers, the brand takes a proactive, collaborative approach to developing detailed shoots that maximize their time with each client. By working together to reveal a common visual goal, a comprehensive story is defined using a definitive action plan.

Creators at heart, the team of professionals at LJP Studios are connoisseurs of innovation. Choosing to embrace change and use the momentum it brings to propel their imagery to the next level, unrivaled visuals are produced time and again.

From the latest equipment to advanced post production, combined with the keen aesthetic eye LJP Studios is known for, the brand chooses to align with forward-thinking partners who share their passion for excellence. 

We change perceptions, one image at a time.

Our Philosophy

They say a photo is worth a thousand words…

For this exact reason, we choose not to create photographs, nor do we consider ourselves “photographers”. 

We are creative professionals, and our mission is to create “imagery.”  While a photograph may be worth a thousand words, imagery is worth so much more. Unlike a simple photograph, imagery is capable of conveying a story and an emotional connection that transcends the physical boundaries of the medium from which it is viewed. 

For the viewer, imagery conveys a sense of longing, stirs feelings of want and desire, or can compel its audience into deep contemplation. Its value is far beyond that of a simple photograph because it emotionally connects the audience to the subject matter. 

We are not photographers; we are creators and visual artists who just happen to use the camera and photograph as our artistic medium. Regardless of the subject matter, our mission is to create imagery; 

because where photographs and words often fail, our imagery speaks.

Pye Jirsa, Partner + Creative Director, LJP Studios


Justin Lin
Partner, Photographer

Pye Jirsa
Partner, Photographer

Christopher Lin
Partner, Photographer


Associates & Staff

Jackie Hanson
Studio Manager

Joseph Cha
Videographer, Photographer

Yoko Tomioka
Assistant Studio Manager

Matthew Saville
Photographer, Videographer

Kaylee Sizemore
Photographer, Stylist

Emily Cariaga
Photographer, Post Producer


Joseph Anthony
Photographer, Post Producer

Andrew Kwak
Photographer, Post Producer

Emily Cariaga
Photographer, Post Producer

Nicole Collier
Photographer, Designer

Sarah Hurley
Photographer, Post Producer

Maria Famron
Photographer, Social Media Manager

Mike Santos